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Raj is considered as a leading expert in the field of data integration and big data. He has led analytics and information-management related projects globally and in various sectors. Raj provides analytic and management capabilities for simple solutions through to large complex programmes of digital and data transformation. This has included:

Strategy & Architecture

Helps you prioritize and plan implementation, while considering business impact, existing data, technology and skills.

Data Lake

Applying technology best practices and framework components work with a range of platforms and tools that accelerate value.

Analytic Solutions

Assisting organizations build big data infrastructures that can easily adapt and scale to meet future needs.

Data Science

Helping you identify opportunities and insights from unstructured and non-traditional data sources.

Management Services

Raj and his expert team together provide a proven set of services to help organizations reduce costs while boosting efficiency.


Whether it’s through his social media platforms, or at a live speaking event, he is out to guide and train people about big data.

So What Is

Big Data

Big data is a term that depicts the expansive volume of data – both organized and unstructured – that immerses a business on an everyday premise. In any case, it’s not the measure of data that is essential. Its what associations do with the data that matters. Big data can be investigated for bits of knowledge that lead to better choices and key business moves.

Given that big data will just turn out to be more essential tomorrow, these frameworks ought to be seen as the establishment of future operations. Along these lines, yes, capital expenses might be noteworthy. Be that as it may, many ground breaking associations and early adopters of big data have achieved an amazing – and fairly nonsensical – conclusion: that outlining of big data can really prompt cost reserve funds. Talking about amazements: these cost reserve funds can be charmingly vast and harvestable moderately soon.

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Benefits of Big Data Analytics

Achieving Financial Efficiency
Informed Decision Making
Introducing New Segments
Better Data Visualization

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